Our Security and Privacy Policy
Your security and privacy have been and continue to be of the utmost concern to us in the development and maintenance of this Website, and in providing online food ordering services to you.

All name, password, contact and credit card information that you provide on this Website is encrypted and transferred to our servers using industry standard security techniques and protocols. The padlock icon which you can currently see at the bottom right hand corner of your browser and which you see while registering, logging in, selecting menu items, supplying payment information, submitting orders, and providing customer input or questions on the site indicates that your information is being transferred securely.

The database servers used for this Website are maintained by an award winning hosting company which uses leading edge security technology to protect your information. The servers are housed at a facility that meets stringent structural, environmental and security standards. The facility is staffed and guard by bonded personal 24/7/365.

Any and all credit card information that you provide is stored and processed using techniques which meet or exceed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. If you choose not to have your credit card information stored for use on future orders, all of the information is removed from the system after it is viewed by restaurant staff on their computer for payment purposes. If you do wish to have your credit card information stored for future orders, it is maintained in only one place on a secured server in an encrypted format. At no time is your credit card information printed or faxed.

The contact information that you provide on this Website may be used by the restaurant and/or myself only in the following cases:
  • Your credit or debit card information will only be used for the payment of menu items and any applicable fees only if and when you choose to use the card. No credit or debit card information is sent to the restaurant unless the card is to be used as payment.
  • You may be contacted by the restaurant if there are questions and/or information regarding your food order.
  • You may receive emails if you choose to be notified about restaurant specials or menu changes.
  • I may contact you in response to any questions and/or feedback that you may have regarding the Website.
Other than in these cases, you will not be contacted by phone, email or U.S. Mail. None of your contact and/or credit card information will be shared with any other parties in any way, shape or form.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions and/or thoughts at Doug@GetAgile.com or at 520-297-8480.

Very Sincerely Yours,
Doug Lojewski
President, Agile Info Solutions, LLC